Monday, September 15, 2008

Kristy Lee Cook - Why Wait - CD Review

Normally I wouldn't be doing a review on someone like Kristy Lee Cook, but seeing that I just went to the American Idol concert with my wife and watched the whole season, I had to listen to the cd to see what I thought. Kristy Lee was one of my top 3 picks on the show. The other two were David Cook and Michael Johns. It seemed pretty obvious that she needed to sing country style songs based on her voice and the arrangements she chose on the show.

This CD has some good sounding tracks on it. I like 15 minutes of Shame, which I believe is the first track released on the cd. It's right in line with a lot of other female country artists. Overall she has a similar souns through many of the tracks, but does show some diversity in the types of songs she has chosen.

She finishes this one off with the song that was big for her on American Idol, God Bless The USA. I do like her version of it and she did a great live version at the concert itself. Glad she decided not to go with the country version of 8 Days A Week for this release.

Overall an enjoyable cd to listen to. Kristy Lee Cook has a nice voice and as long as she sticks to the country style, she will do well for herself.

Track List:

1. 15 Minutes Of Shame
2. Why Wait
3. Like My Mother Does
4. Hoping To Find
5. Baby Believe
6. Not Tonight
7. Plant The Seed
8. I Think Too Much
9. Homesick
10. God Bless The USA

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