Thursday, January 11, 2007

Edie Brickell & New Bohemians Belly Up Tavern 10/15/2006

This Review is running a little late, but thought I'd put it out here.

I'll start out by just saying it was an awesome show and an awesome night. I guess other than the clambake this really was the start of the mini-tour they are doing this month. Unfortunately no one taped the show and I didn'thave a mic so the reviews are about all you will end up hearing on this one.

Here's the setlist - now the 12th song someone is going to need to help me with - Kenny - Brandon or any fan who can figure it out from what I wrote down as far as lyrics - It just seemed like babble and I couldn't figure the song out this morning.

10/15/2006 Belly Up Tavern - Solana Beach, Ca (San Diego)

Wear You Down, Oh My Soul, Nothing, Wheel, Drum Jam> Love Like We Do, One Last Time, No Dinero, Lover Take Me, Long Lost Friend, Air Of December, Improv Song, Strings Of Love, Spanish Style Guitar, Shark Attack, What I Am, Circle Encore: Improve>Belly Up Song, Little Miss S, 10,000 Angels, Mainline Cherry

What a great show. Kenny was awesome, had some great solo stuff and just played well. He just looked like he was enjoying himself and having some fun. Brandon and John had a couple of great jams and really seemed to be having a good time back there. Carter was great on keys. Brad was great to a little sax and mostly bass - pulling out the fretless as well. Edie - what can you say, she sang as beautiful as ever and told some great stories about the band. At one point she talked about not having enough material so they would just make it up as they went along - so she started singing this funny shark attack song. Later she did a Belly Up Improv as well. She was really interactive with the audience. After she finished playing Circle - she stopped and asked me what I was writing down and if I was doing a review of the show. I told her it was a set list - she said if you are reviewing it I'd like to review you and say you are a great audience member - it was pretty funny.

So before the show I met Carter outside and was chatting with him a bit - I din't know he was Carter at the time since I hadn't seen picture of the band is quite a while. He was really nice - chatted about football, etc. told me to swing around back after to see about meeting Kenny and Brandon. So after the show I went back and met Carter - he took my cd to have them all sign and then I ran into Brandon, talked a bit about him living in Encinitas when he was young - sleeping in the car, etc (I'll let him tell the story ) Great guy, glad I had a chance to talk to him.

Shortly after Kenny came out to say as well - again glad to have a chance to meet and talk with him. He brought Edie along with him or at least she came out. So we all started chatting, everyone was awesome - down to earth fun people. I hope the rest of you out here who go to a show at least stop by and say Hi to Kenny and Brandon. So Kenny went off as well as Brandon and the next thing I know I'm hanging out talking to Edie. She invited me in the back and ask me if I wanted something to drink - funny would thhik I'd be getting asked that from Edie. She was so sweet - talk mostly about kids and stuff, but just a great coveration. I had said that she should write a kids book and cd - I thought it would be great to play some kids music from her. She said that her and Paul planned to write a childrens album, but her youngest said to her that those were their songs - that they were for them. So she just couldn't do it. Kind of a nice little story.

Anyway - I just want to Thank Kenny, Brandon, Cater and Edie for hanging out and talking. You guys were all great. It was truely an awesome night.

LA Bound Becks

Well it looks like te picture says it all to what Becks has to say to Real Madrid. So he's going to come and play with my LA Galaxy team, which means that my season ticket prices will more than likely go up about $25 per match. If it does, I'll have to rethink the possibility of renewing. The offer is said to be worth something like $250 million in endorsements and $1million a week.

The last time an American soccer league (NASL) did this they went broke and folded. Bringing players like Pele, Beckenbauer, Best, Kruyff and many others over cost the league so much money they couldn't stay afloat. Let's hope this doesn't backfire on LA. I'd have guess that they would be getting rid of Landon Donovan to cut the salary cap back a bit.

Posh is completely behind this. I just hope he doesn't become a creepy scientologist.