Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ashburton Grove Opens

Well the new season is ready to kick off and 20,000 fans were invited to members day to enjoy the opening of the stadium and see the team for the start of the new season.

Photo is courtesy of Rick B. Here's a quote from Rick regarding members day: "Not really too much to say about this event. It's a typical training session but in front of a load of fans and schoolkids. Certainly wasn't 20,000 there though!!! It was nice to see Rosicky in a Arsenal shirt for the first time. Aliadiere looks very keen, Barnet as well - lets hope he stays fit.

Stadium - well I suppose it looks ok, the seats are great I'll give them that and I sneaked into the Club Level to see the carpets again - nice. It actually surprised me that when the fans clapped the players, the sound did stay in the stadium, does that mean at least we will get a good atmousphere? We will see on Saturday......" - Thanks Rick for your review.

So there you have it, Saturday is Dennis Bergkamp Day v Ajax. Should be a good time for all those who will be attending. Let's see Dennis off in style.

It will be good to see Rosicky play a match for Arsenal. Wonder if any of the Dutch players will show up this weekend. Can't wait to see how it goes.