Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Green Street Hooligans Movie Review

Not much new happening the world of arsenal today, so I thought I'd give a review of Green Street Hooligans.

I've been waiting for this movie to come out for quite some time. I noticed it playing in Los Angeles and was waiting for it to make it's way to San Diego. Finally it opened up after 3 weeks of waiting from the initial release.

Greet Street Hooligans is a story of an American who is expelled from Harvard for possesion of cocaine. The problem is that it was his dormmates junk, but he took the fall because of who the kids father was. So with some free time he sets off to visit his sister in London. That's where he meets the sisters brother in-law who takes him to a football match and from there on out he descends into the hooligan football world. It never would have worked if he were an Arsenal fan, but they chose make him a West Ham fan. Could have been Millwall or Cardiff all the same, but neither of them have spent any time in the EPL.

I enjoyed the movie with the exception of one small cheesy point towards the end. Without giving anything away I'll say it involves the sister coming to find him. So taking that piece away, the movie was really well done. It didn't in any way promote joining a Firm and becoming a hooligan. It gave you a little insight into the culture and the way of being. It certainly didn't make me want to go out an join a Firm. I did walk out of the theater feeling a little rage, but that soon went away. There's very little football action shown in the film so if that's what you're looking for you might as well stay home. Thumbs up for me.

If you see this movie and are interested in seeing films of simular content, check out The Firm staring Gary Oldman and Fear Factory.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Welcome to Dave's Gooner News

Welcome to Dave's Gooner News. This is my first time creating a blog of Arsenal stuff. I intend to post various pieces of news and just a load of BS about football and Arsenal. For good Arsenal conversation be sure to check out http://www.bigsoccer.com and http://www.arsenalamerica.com.

I'm an American Gooner living is Southern California. I've made several trips over to Arsenal both home and away. This years trip will be over the holidays. I'm heading over to see Boxing Day at Charlton continuing on 12/28 to Highbury for Pompey followed by 12/31 at Aston Villa and closing it off with ManUre at Highbury on 1/3. I will certainly post pictures from my trips as well as journals of my time there. I will also post some past pictures from previous trips.

So as boring as my welcome is here, hopefully my blogs will get better with time and experience.


Dave P.

EDIT: Since originally putting this blog out, I've gone back and deleted many of the past posts and kept some of the old ones. I will continue to write a little footy in the blog, but most of the blog will be concert & cd reviews as well as books and movies.

Not that I really get many people reading the blog, but for those who do - hope you don't mind the new format.