Friday, May 30, 2008

David Cook - The Time Of My Life - Idol Review

So in all of the years of the show American Idol I had never watch an actual season. I always watched those tryouts and the tools who came back every year even though the sucked big time. They must have mental issues or just want to always be known as the complete idiots of the world. Anyways, this year my wife sucked me into the show and I watched it from end to end.

I just moved to Kansas City, MO so for me Blue Springs, MO didn't mean a thing, it might as well have been Madison, WI or something. I come to find out that it's basically a subburb of our little KC town. From the top 12 I knew that David Cook would be the one to beat. Everything about him screamed - I'm the one - the voice, style and versitility he has is amazing. I can't believe it took this show for him to make it. Sounds like he put in some years here in KC working hard at it and new really took off.

At first I never called in a single time because I watched the show after voting on the DVR. Then as it came down to the final 6 or so I started dialing in and getting my David Cook votes in for fear that some dipshit like Jason would win because women thought he was cute or he was the vote for the worst person - who knows.

From week to week David Cook was consistant putting out great sound from Opera, rock, Dolly Parton, Neil Diamond and the rest. I personally thought that David A. would win because all the teens voting for him. Personally I saw him as nothing more that a good kid, with a kind heart hanging on the puppet strings of his father. He has no versitility in his going and will do well as a christian singer or something in that nature. I do wish him luck as this was a lot for a 16 year old to go through.

Back to Cook - The man of the hour - the week and hopefully a successful career going forward. I see this guy blowing away the likes of Clay, Ruben, Daughtry, Clarkson and the rest. He has a good heart and doesn't seem like he will et it go to his head too bad. Hopefully he stays grounded and remembers where he came from.

David's cd Analog Heart is great. I think lyrically you can tell it's a start and needs some work, but the voice and arrangemnts are amazing. When they do put it out again I would certainly pick it up if I were you. Plus all those great studio versions iTues sold through the competition are good ones to have.

I wish this guy nothing but success in teh years to come. He was up against some good, some bad and some ugly and really came through.

Foxboro Hottubs - Stop Drop and Roll!!! - CD Review

The new Foxboro Hottubs cd Stop Drop and Roll!!! is fantastic. Basically this is Green Day as a 60's post-punk garage band, just having fun and putting out some good old classic rock stuff. Looks like they changed their name just to do something fun as a side project, but it's still Billy Joe rockin' the lead.

The songs are all relatively short, but awesome. They range between 2-3 minutes a song and keep you going from end to end.

It's well worth picking this one up. amazon has it for like $7.99, last I saw Best Buy was running it at $9.99 and iTunes the same.

Track Listing:
1. Stop Drop And Roll
2. Mother Mary
3. Ruby Room
4. Red Tide
5. Broadway
6. She's A Saint Not A Celebrity
7. Sally
8. Alligator
9. The Pedestrian
10. 27th Ave. Shuffle
11. Dark Side Of Nigh
12. Pieces Of Truth

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rambo - DVD Review - Look Out Fake Plastic People!

Now I'm not really what possessed me to go out and rent this movie on Tuesday, maybe the fact that nothing else was out. Stallone is back, older, more plastic, looking rough and ready to kill any and everything in site.

This had to have been one of the most brutal, bloody movies I've seen this year. I would have to guess that I was watching the unrated edition otherwise this movie needed to be rated NC17.

You know it's going to be brutal when in the first 5 minutes about 100 people are killed, limbs are flying and children are getting killed right in front of your eyes.

The story takes place later after the original movies. Rambo is collecting snakes and running a river boat somewhere outside of Burma. He gets asked by a bunch of church going people including Dexters girlfriend(showtime series), who want to go help the people in the villages. The rebels run crazy and kill everyone and kidnap the Americans. It's up to Rambo to save the day. The blood and guts start flying and the blood is running.

Overall - if you are a horror fan - go see it. If you have a weak stomach forget it.

I love Sly Stallone movies, they are all classic straight to DVD - B movies, just like Steven Segal, wesley Snipes and Jean Claude. How can you pass up the opportunity to see anything by any of these classic actors of our time. Rambo and Rocky made it to the theaters, but would have been just as well off going straight to DVD. I'm sure rental and sales will be great - Blue Ray for sure on this one if you have it. Then you can see fingers and toes hitting the cameras.

Rating 2 out of 5 stars.