Friday, May 30, 2008

Foxboro Hottubs - Stop Drop and Roll!!! - CD Review

The new Foxboro Hottubs cd Stop Drop and Roll!!! is fantastic. Basically this is Green Day as a 60's post-punk garage band, just having fun and putting out some good old classic rock stuff. Looks like they changed their name just to do something fun as a side project, but it's still Billy Joe rockin' the lead.

The songs are all relatively short, but awesome. They range between 2-3 minutes a song and keep you going from end to end.

It's well worth picking this one up. amazon has it for like $7.99, last I saw Best Buy was running it at $9.99 and iTunes the same.

Track Listing:
1. Stop Drop And Roll
2. Mother Mary
3. Ruby Room
4. Red Tide
5. Broadway
6. She's A Saint Not A Celebrity
7. Sally
8. Alligator
9. The Pedestrian
10. 27th Ave. Shuffle
11. Dark Side Of Nigh
12. Pieces Of Truth

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