Monday, September 15, 2008

Kill Switch - Steven Segal Straight to DVD Review

Steven Seagal the king of straight to DVD releases is back with a new one and he holds the sole writing credit on this one. The director, Jeff King, isn't someone I have ever heard of before, but looks like he's done some TV shows but not much in the line of films.

In this film Steven Seagal plays Detective Jacob Stillwell who is on the scene of a serial killer named Lazerus. The best thing about this is the hair piece that Seagal has to be wearing. If it's not then he has a really bad hair dye job which is just as funny.

So from the start of this one where he finds a woman with a bomb stuck in her chest, finding the dude and throwing him out a window. The guy lives and goes off to jail, then we get into the Serial Killer.

So as always we have the fun of seeing Seagal in action through most of the movie and he still has those great ne liners and is always as tought as can be. The best is he's supposed to be a memphis cop with a southern accent that sounds really bad.

No different than any other Seagal fil the bad guys go after him and his loved ones. In this one he has to figure out how this crazy dude is killing. Yes, actually a little bit of a plot and some thinking to do.

Jacob is plagued in the film by the murder of his twin brother on their birthday, but they never really go anyfurther on that subject. Plus he adds this off the wall story that his partner tells to the new detective about the first case they worked on. It was a cannibal who they catch eating a clown and he turns to Seagal and says - "Does this taste funny to you?" I actually had to laugh at that one. Seagal can start writing more comedies. Oh wait, everything he already rights is a comedy to some degree.

The bad accent and the "Lord have Mercy's" he says throughout really make you have a good laugh with this one.

The last 5 minutes of this movie must have been some sort of strange mix up that he put it in there. Not really sure as it has nothing to do with the rest of the film or at least I can't figure out what it has to do.

I would say that you really need to rent this one, not buy it. I would also highly recommend a bottle of good booze to drink along with it.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5


longvowels said...

I just watched this one and I am so confused by this ending. So confused, that I had to get online to find someone to discuss this with me.

And who was that lady cop that lived with him? His daughter, his girlfriend, or what?

Segal needs to start writing mysteries.

Dave P. said...

I was confused as well - I would say a girlfriend - it really made no sense. But Segal rocks! :-)