Friday, September 12, 2008

Gavin Rossdale - Live in Las Vegas At The Palms iTunes Exclusive - Review

Gavin Rossdale released his first solo cd earlier this year called Wanderlust. See my review Wanderlust CD Review. Rossdale went out and did a small tour to promote his cd this year. He covered a little of the East, West and Midwest as well. Rossdale and iTunes teamed up to take 6 tracks from the Palms show in Las Vegas to release as an EP last week.

I would like to have seen him on this tour, but he skipped Kansas City as many others do as well. It kind of sucks that we see Des Moines, IA and Omaha, NE get some cool acts, but we get nothing and we are certainly a larger market. Still some of my favorites always play here like Big Head Todd and Ryan Adams.

Rossdale’s EP is a nice group of songs and even though they are performed live, they sort of sound like the cd itself. Some artists are great that way and other, you certainly want one or the other.

This six song EP starts off with a Pixies cover “Where is my Mind” and then gets into five raw acoustic versions of songs in support for the Wanderlust CD. I like the sound of the cd and the songs and found it to be certainly worth picking up.

I wonder if Gavin will go back to being Mr. Gwen or will decide to revamp his career. I really like his voice and style, so I hope that he keeps on playing.

Track List:

Where Is MY Mind
The Trouble I'm In
Love Remains the Same
Forever May You Run
Can't Stop the World

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