Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Zach Gill – Stuff – CD Review

Zach Gill is currently out on the road with old friend Jack Johnson. Zach joined up with Jack to add a little flavor to the band. It’s certainly a good add between the backing vocals, the keys and dancing, he is an entertaining person. I was quite happy to hear that Zach would be releasing his own cd called Stuff on the Brushfire Records Label.

The first stuff I heard of Zach and still remains some awesome stuff is his work with ALO, Animal Liberation Orchestra. They have put out a couple of cds and continue to perform as a band in between his time he works with Jack. There’s a whole group of great artists on Brushfire these days and Jack Johnson certainly does his part to promote them well.

Zach certainly is one of those guys who is really diversified in the styles of music he plays and plays well. The first song off Stuff is Family. This song is a collaboration with Jack and has a great beat and sound to it. This was also pre-released early so it’s been out there for a bit. It has a good soulful sound and is a great start to the new cd. Don’t Touch My Stuff has a nice reggae beat to it. He really has a mix of songs on this one. Obviously a lot of mix between keys and piano throughout, but Zach’s voice give it some soul. Even the instrumental track Lizard’s Bridge has a nice mix of instruments with some drums, bongos, piano etc.

Probably my favorite tracks on this cd are Back In the Day & Family, but the rest sound great. It’s hard to compare him to anyone as he really mixes it up. Bettina is an upbeat tune followed by a mellow tune Small. He mixes it up from some ragtime, to sound of The Band, Bruce Hornsby and much more. Handyman gets your feet really tapping. Overall this one is really a delight.

I picked this one up at iTunes for $9.99 and Amazon has it for $9.49 as a download as well. Certainly pick this one up and go see him with ALO or Jack Johnson if you get a chance. He’s very entertaining.

Track Listing:

Don’t Touch My Stuff
Watch Them Grow
Back In the Day
Handy Man
Poseidon’s Navel
Beautiful Reason
Fine Wine
Lizard’s Bridge

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