Monday, July 28, 2008

Brett Farve Should Stay & Ted Thompson Should Go

The whole Brett Farve thing has gotten way out of hand. The bottom line is the guy wants to play football and he's clearly the best Quarterback that would be on the field. Why is Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy pulling this bullshit move trying to keep him away?

If Farve is the best and you want to be successful, why walk awy from a green and golden opportunity? Get the guy on the field and let's win ourselves another title. It's been a long time in the waiting and we need to see one sooner than later.

If Aaron Rogers is meant to be the starting quarterback of the team, then let him go up against Favre and prove he's better. Even if Favre doesn't come back I would say that the Packers organization needs to consider the removal of Ted Thompson as it's General Manager. He and McCarthy have done a poor job of dealing with this whole situation and someone needs to pay the price.

The whole talk about them filing a complaint against the Vikings because Farve talked to them, COME ON! I really would hate to see him go there, but if he's friends with the guy, why can't he ask his advice?

Even though Brett has a part to play in this for actually retiring and then coming back. I think he has every right to do so. He has a couple good years left in him and he really should be allowed to play them out.

I think if he ends up getting traded I will be really dissappointed in the Packer organization for allowing this to happen. Why not have your best out there? Do you not want to win? Here's a thought - we all know Farve doesn't play well in the extreme cold weather, why not play Aaron Rogers for those games and let Favre do the rest.

Rogers is an untested quarterback as he hasn't started a single season match for Green Bay and has played very little. You want that over someone who will lead the team to victory for sure.

Don't get me wrong, I will always be a Packer fan, but I still don't like how this situation has been handled.

Ted Thompson - Let Favre back and please resign. Mark Murphy really should consider the same as well. You both obviously don't want to put your best team on the field this coming season.

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