Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Support Rise Above Plastics!

There's a great blog that I learned about from when I was at the Jack Johnson show last month at Alpine Valley in East Troy, WI. It's called Rise Above Plastics and deals with the issues pertaining to all sorts of plastics including bags and bottles. Check it out at

You can take action and pledge to reduce the amount of plastics you use each year. The pledge is part of the Surfrider Foundation and can be found at Rise Against Plastics Pledge Link. There's some good information out there on both the blog and the pledge. There are over 1 million sea birds and 100,000 marine mammals that die each year due to either ingestion or entaglement with plastics.

Plastics that you toss out will sit in landfills and blow around and do more damage than you could ever imagine. What can you do to help besides taking the pledge? There's a lot you can do. Even the smallest things like making sure to recycle your plastic bottles and take your plastic bags to the grocery store to be recycled. To go beyond that you can do more extreme things like buy reusable cloth bags that you take with you to the store instead of taking a plastic bag. The other option is to stop drinking bottled water or soda and buy a SIGG or Klean Kanteen type bottle or even a new Nalagene bottle. You can use them over and over and you won't be wasting plastics and having them end up in landfills and other places.

Jack Johnson is even selling shopping bags and SIGG water bottles on his tour to help the cause. Check out the picture of the SIGG 1 liter bottle. Plus he has the Green Village where you can learn all about everything from composting to info from Surfrider Foundation. There's a lot of good educational things that you can learn and there is a big variety of people who attend Jack Johnson shows. He's entertaining and is doing a good thing in trying to educate people about the environment. Check out Jack's tour dates on his webpage

You just need to step up and do your part to help save our environment and help make things better for our kids and so on. But also remember to educate others and pass the word along.

There's some great links to articles and some good information on what you can do to help on the website. So I encourage you to please check it out!

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