Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oliver Stone's W - The Movie Review

The new Oliver Stone film W is loosley based on the life of our 43rd President George W. Bush. This is a pretty interesting translation of the live of good old GW. Starting off from the time he was in college being hazed at Yale and jumping back and forth over 2001 at the time that GW and his team were preparing for war in Iraq.

George Cromwell plays GW's dad and at times looks right for the role and at other times really looks like he shouldn't be in the role. They really portray him out to treat GW as the loser brother and has big plans for Jeb and thinks GW underminded their plans to get Jeb in the White House.

Along with showing GW's past and the failures he had before finally running successfully for Governor of Texas, they also show the situation over making a decision to go to war with Iraq. It was an interesting movie and it really put togehter an interesting interpretation of GW's life.

It's interesting that GW went from an 80% popularity down to about 25% the lowest of any President in history.

Christian Bale was originally cast in the role and was replaces by Josh Brolin. Brolin did a fantastic job playing GW.

This was a fun film to watch and I would really recommend seeing it.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5 stars

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