Sunday, January 04, 2009

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2008 - The Next Doctor

The latest Christmas Special of Doctor Who brings us to wonder are we about to meet the new Doctor. David Tennant is back for this episode and four more to come before calling it quits as The Doctor.

Taking place on Christmas 1851 in London, The Doctor runs into a man who claims he is The Doctor, this doctor is played by David Morrissey and now the questions all start rolling in your mind. Could this be the man replacing David Tennant as the 11th Doctor. It's Starts with the two of them chasing a new kind of creature, a Cybershade, a new kind of creature that is working with the Cybermen. But neither of the Doctor's have ever seen anything like this and they also don't know that the Cybernen are in this time. So they chase the Cybershade pulls them up the side of the building and eventually escapes.

The new villian in this one is played by Dervla KirwanMiss Hartigan. She is plotting to collect all the children of the town up from the orphages, to use them as slaves in helping to build something to dominate the world.

When The Doctor is shown the new Doctors facilities, he realizes they are just living in a flat and then he sees the TARDIS, which is actually a Hot Air Balloon or "Tethered Aerial Release Developed In Style". So as The Doctor digs in a little more he finds that This other Doctor is really a man named Jackson Lake who lost his mind because of something that might have been traumatic to him.

The Doctor discovers that Jackson Lake had found an infostamp, one that had all The Doctors information in it. He opened it up and took in all the information of The Doctor, while killing Cybermen. Now we know that Jackson Lake is just a man and he came across the Cybermen through the cellar of his house. He saw his wife die and there was something else he can't quite see.

Now that they have seen the Cybermen, they realize that they have escaped the void after the battle of Canary Warf. As they go to Lakes house they discover that in the cellar is a Dalek device called a Dimension Vault, that allowed them to get out.

As they put it all together they realize that the Cybermen are working on developing a CyberKing to take over the world. Hartigan thinks she is going to see the CyberKing, when she is actually going to be hooked into the mind of the King that turns out to be a very large Cyberman that comes out of the Thames and walks across London. It's Hundreds of feet tall and is destroting everything in it's path.

The Doctor decides to take Lake's hot air ballon TARDIS and along with a bunch of infostamps, fights to destroy the CyberKing. He opens them all and destroys the big King and all the Cybermen. Before the CyberKing can fall and destroy the city, the Dimension Vault is used to transfer the King into the Time Vortex.

Jackson discovers the missing thing from his mind is his son. He finds him at the building site and is reunited. So Jackson Lake asks The Doctor to join them for a Christmas Dinner and at first he says no, but then decides to.

A great episode and it starts with a good twist. Now if you haven't already heard, the 11th Time Lord to take over in 2011 will not be David Morrissey or John Simm or any other of the people we all wondered about, but it will be 26 year old Matt Smith, who has done a lot of TV and Theatre, but will be virtually unknown outside of The UK. Still after watching the Doctor Who Confidential featuring The 11th Doctor, you will see he will be a good one to play the part.

Fund episode, not sure when they will release it in the United States. I know that there are only going to be 4 specials this year and the dates are not yet know for those either. So tune in and get ready for more Doctor Who.

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