Sunday, March 22, 2009

Watchmen - Movie Review

For those who don't know the story or what they are getting into seeing this film. The Watchmen is a very dark movie that takes place in an alternate reality in 1985. The Watchmen started out as a group of vigilantes starting in the 1930's and carried on under the name originally as the Minutement. Decades later they became a stronger and more powerful group including Dr. Manhattan who helped the US crush Vietnam in the the war. In the 1980's Richard Nixon now serving his 3rd term in office decides to outlaw the group. We are in a Cold War with Russia and one of the superhero vigilante's is about to lose his life.

This movie is very dark, violent and filled with a lot of blood and gore throughout. It certainly isn't one for young kids or teenagers either, but it does tell a good story with a good plot. I like films like this and to me it was pretty intense and told a good story. Yes, grim, but good.

Virtually all the actors in this film are unknows outside of maybe Carla Gugiino and Billy Cruddup. The woman who plays Silk Spectre II is the woman from Harold and Kumar Go to Whitecastle, who is married to Freakshow. She seemed familiar, but would never have known it was her.

Great acting, great special effects, good soundtrack and all a good story. I liked it and would recommend it for sure, especially to those big comic book fans.

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