Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - 2-27-2008 Uptown Theater

I was pretty excited that Ryan adams was coming back to Kansas City. I ended up getting a ticket from someone and it was a 3rd row center seat, big score. I had high expectations for this show. It was originally scheduled earlier and cancelled, so I figured that Ryan and the boys would put on a rockin show to make up for the missed one. Could I have evewr been further from reality.

The last few times I have seen Ryan Adams play have been some really amazing shows that went on for 2 1/2 hours playing some great songs and had some sweet jams. What we got this time is an 80 minute show with 16 songs and little interaction with the crowd and very distant in his songs. I could tell pretty early on that this one wasn't going to be like the rest. 30-40 minutes in he said we are taking a break so we can play until curfew. The Joke of the Show by John Graboff came pretty early. So there were a lot of indications that this one was going to be short like the night before.

Don't get me wrong, when they played, they sounded great. I See Monsters is fantastic. Come Pick Me Up was brilliant, Goodnight Rose had a great jam as well as Peaceful Valley. I just wanted more and it wasn't there to be had. Too bad, I really wanted a nice 30 song jam session.

Anyways, with Ryan you never know what you will get because he's an odd duck. If he gets a bad monitor or "Ringing" in his ears, you rest assure that you will not being seeing him for long. If the crowd is off or anything, he will throw a fit and be done with it. I've seen him throw a fit and still play damn near 3 hours. One time he had his head cracked openin San Diego and he jammed all night. So, you never know what you will get, but enjoy what you do. He is pretty awesome!

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
Uptown Theater
Kansas City, MO
Friday, February 27, 2009


On stage: 8:42 CST

I See Monsters
Everybody Knows
Fix It
Let it Ride
evening joke w/ Jon Graboff
When The Stars Go Blue
Come Pick Me Up
Born Into A Light

*set break*

Freeway to the Canyon
Goodnight Rose
Oh My God, Whatever, Etc. (Graboff on guitar, Ryan vocals only)
Rescue Blues (Graboff on guitar, Ryan to piano midway through song)
Peaceful Valley
Bartering Lines

off stage: "before 10:15"

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