Thursday, March 19, 2009

Joe Purdy - Last Clock On the Wall - CD Review

I first heard Joe Purdy as he opened up for Edie Brickell & New Bohemians in 2006 at The Belly Up in Solana Beach, CA. I had met him briefly outside and talked to him, but knew nothing of his music. I went in and as he got started playing with one other person, I found his voice and the style of music to be pretty cool. He comes from Arkansas, but has slowly developed a pretty good following in both the US and in the UK as well. He's certainly an accoustic folk style adding all sorts of instruments to the mix. Hard to compare him to anyone as to me it's unique.

Last Clock On the Wall was release on Tuesday and is available at his site for download in MP3 320bps format for $9.99. Check it out at if you want to sample the cd and buy it.

Once again a good mix of instruments to compliment Joe's voice on this one. It starts off with a nice number called "Let Me Sing to You". Good catchy tune with some banjo and violin playing in it. Mellow as always, but a good song. "Brown Suits and Cadillacs" had Joe dominating the start with his soulful voice and keeps it going. The title song "Clock Clock On the Wall" kicks off with a little harmonica and a simple drum beat with a slide guitar. Again, a nice song on the mellow fashion of JP.

His style stays a lot the same throughout the cd but does add different flavor to different songs. "Been Up So Long" Kicks off with a nice piano beat and has Joe singing the typical ballad style he does. as you listen to his different cds, you find a simular style, but all songs really grow on you.

Downloading the CD directly from Joe's site includes a couple of bonus songs "Don't Leave Soon" and "Soldier". Both fall in line with the Acoustic Folk sound of Joes music. Good additions to get for sure.

If you like what you hear sampling Joe's music on his site, I would highly recommend getting "Paris In the Morning" and "Canyon Joe" those are my two favorites of his. Have a listen to Joe Purdy, he will grow on you for sure. Check him out live as well, he puts on a good performance.

Track Listing:

Let Me Sing To You
Brown Suits and Cadillacs
The Last Clock On the Wall
Been Up So Long
Dead End Kids
Dress Is Too Long
Miss Me
Death of a Maiden
School Teachers Blues
Too Young
Don't Leave Soon (Bonus Track)
Soldier (Bonus Track)


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