Tuesday, March 03, 2009

U2 - No Line on the Horizon - CD Review

So we once again have a new U2 CD and it certainly takes a different path like the rest of their CDs have in the pst. They have been quite innovative over the years and it's always refreshing to hear a new one from them.

This one mixes it up from some more rockin type of stuff to the ballad type mellow stuff inbetween. No Line On The Horizon starts us off with a pretty cool song jamming out. Somewhat starting off with a little more of the typical U2 sound from older, but changes it up quickly. It's a nice tune and didn't take long to know I would like it.

Magnificent starts off with that melodic style of some of their music, more electronic style sounding and then the drums kick in and guitar and the rest. Nice upbeat tune that has a lot of the old qualities of a Joshua Tree style and some mix of before stuff.

Moment of Surrender is a ballad type more mellow song fitting in with someof the more recent styles. It's a nice sounds, Bono starts out sort og shouting and brings it back down to a nice soulful sound. It's a little slow over all, but still a good one.

Unknown Caller is another slower song that starts off with some mellow beats and then moves into a little more of a moving song. Bono has some backing on this one and at times makes me feel like I'm listing to one of those English bands from the eighties or something. Still it has a different sound in ways than anything they have done before. Not my favorite on the CD, but not horrible.

I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight reminds me of a song by another band, just can't place it at the moment. Good song with Bono being as soulful as he always it. Nice backing and overall a good one.

Get On Your Boots seems to start off like it's going to be this rocking tune, but get's a little weird witht he whole "Sexy Boots" thing. This one will certainly take some getting used to for me. It was the original release from the band and I'm still trying to like it.

Stand Up Comedy is a nice funky little tune with a good beat and keeps it rocking through. For a moment there I thought I was listening to a Filight of the Conchords tune the way they did a little vocal section. But seriously it's a really killer tune and really rocks.

FEZ-Being Born starts off with about 2 minutes of instrumental before getting into the song itself. Has a lot of characteristics of a typical U2 song and it's pretty cool. some piano/keys along with The Edge jamming it out gives it a pretty cool sound. I really like this song overall.

The next song is White as Snow, which starts off with a slow piano playing and then we get some silence then Bono singing with a soft background sound. Pretty mellow tune but really nice with Bono hitting some nice notes through it and again a noce guitar song typical of The Edge. Sweet little ballad song.

Breathe has Bono starting it off with a nice little beat, the song is very typical of the U2 style over the years and is more of that story mode style song. Pretty cool and another neat one.

Cedars of Lebenon starts off with a soft guitar sound and kicks into a mellow Bono singing. Could be one of those songs you see Bono sitting in a pub with a smoke just telling the soft story. The stong stays soft and melodic throughout and is a nice finish to the CD.

Overall pretty cools stuff. I haven't watched the download movie that comes with the deluxe version yet, but may add to the review once I do.

Track Listing:

1. No Line On The Horizon 4:12
2. Magnificent 5:24
3. Moment Of Surrender 7:24
4. Unknown Caller 6:03
5. I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight 4:14
6. Get On Your Boots 3:25
7. Stand Up Comedy 3:45
8. FEZ-Being Born 5:17
9. White As Snow 4:41
10. Breathe 5:00
11. Cedars Of Lebanon 4:13

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