Friday, August 22, 2008

The Wackness - Movie Review

Wasn't sure when I picked this one out what I was getting into. All I knew is was that Ben Kingsley was in it, but so was Mary-Kate Olsen, so that threw me off.

This film takes place in 1994 on the streets of New York. You have Ben Kingsley playing the pot smoking psychotherapist who takes payment in weed from one of his patients Luke Shapiro, played by Josh Peck. There's a funny line in there about "don't you think it's fucked up that you get your pot from the same guy who deals to your daughter?" Dr. Squires replys "Step Daughter".

So Lukes family is in financial trouble and he just wants to get high and get laid. He figures selling weed on the streets will get him some money to help on the bills and pay for school as well. But he is living a crazy life.

Most of the movie is great dialog between Dr. Shapiro and Luke and then it progresses to Luke digging Dr. Shapiro's stepdaughter. Luke knows nothing about relationships and learns to deal with them over the course of the movie.

The music in this one is great. There's a bunch of hip hop stuff as well as some Smashing Pumkins and Neil Young. It's all over the place with music.

Kingsley always does an amazing job and he keeps me pleased in this one. His best role to me is as Don Logan in Sexy Beast - that is a classic nutter film.

Lots of Pot, relationships stuff, nerdy stuff and it's all about 1994, not a bad year. Brazil won the world cup that year.

I really like this one and I would say check it out for sure.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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