Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Donavon Frankenreiter - Pass It Around - CD Review

Pass It Around brings some new songs and a different sound in some ways to Donavon Frankenreiter. Donavon used producer Joe Chiccarelli who has done work in the past with Frank Zappa, My Morning Jacket, The Raconteurs and many others. With a little help with some friends putting some songs together and helping finish some thing us, G. Love, Ben Harper and Grant Lee Phillips did some work on this new CD. This is Frankenreiter's third CD, the first was on Jack Johnson's Brushfire Records and now he is currently with Lost Highways.

Frankenreiter is not only a musician, but a pro-surfer as well. He travels around with his guitar and surfboard looking for waves and playing tunes. Not quite Jack Johnson, but they are friends and all run in the same circle of friends. He's from Laguna Beach, CA and loves nothing more that to be out on the water.

This CD is a bit of a different take from his past works. He's gome to a little more of a mellow side and not as much of a soul type presence in the music. Life, Love & Laughter still holds a bit of the last CD Move By Yourself in it. This one you can tell that he has put some really good time and effort to find the sound he wants. He even uses a Mariachi Band sound on the song Come With Me and it works - fits the song well.

I guess in the past, Frankenreiter has had a difficult time writing about the Ocean and his love for it. I read that I think in his bio, but on this CD he gets a feel for the ocean on songs such as Too Much Water and Mansions In the Sand. I'd say overall there a good mix of style in this one. Some of it sounds a little on the pop side and some sounds like it should be on a 70's greatest hits album, but it all fits and makes one really nice mellow cd.

Saturday night KPRI in San Diego with be airing a 1 hour live performance of Donavon Frankenreiter live from a concert at The Belly UP Tavern in Solana Beach, CA. Which is a great venue to see a show at for sure. I have been to so many I can't really remember all of them. There have been some really amazing acts that have played there over the years and it might hold about 1200 people at its capacity. Not sure the time, but check it out online http://www.kprifm.com/Default.aspx

Really nice sound and really good to hear more Donavon music. My recommendation is to get this one, it's about the same price on Amazon download as iTunes - no bonus stuff, just the 10 songs.

Track Listing:

Life, Love & Laughter
Too Much Water
Come With Me
Your Heart
Hit the Ground Running
Mansions In the Sand
Someone's Something
Sing a Song
Pass It Around
Come Together

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