Friday, August 08, 2008

Chico Bags - Great Reusable Shopping Bags

With all the talk about plactic bags and what we need to do to get them banned all over the World, here's a great solution to use, Chico Bags. The Chico Bag is pretty awesome, it folds up into a small little sack with a clip that you can leave in the car, clip to your cart and use.

These are nice durable bags that can be used over and over. They run $5.00 per bag or if you get them on the web, if you buy 4 you get the 5th one free. They come in a whole mix of colors, Green, Pale Green, Red, Mango, Brown, Black, Blue, Pink, Purple and the Earth edition. Check them out on the web at

They also have a zero waste program and will accept any of your old reusable bags which they will recycle. They use them to make rugs and other cool things. Check out that website and pick some awesome bags up.

There's a good link to a cool blog called The Bagmonster Blog as well. That's worth checking out at

Do your part and reduce your use of plastics.

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