Monday, August 04, 2008

Neil Halstead – Oh! Mighty Engine – CD Review

Neil Halstead is one of the latest editions to Jack Johnson’s Brush Fire Records Label. Neil is currently a member of the band Mojave 3 and was previously a member of the band Slowdrive. He currently lives in Cornwall, England near the coast. He’s a surfer and fits right in with the mellow relaxed sound like the rest of the Brushfire crew. I haven’t listened to Rogue Wave yet, but even G. Love’s grooves, ALO & Zach Solo are all in line with what seems to be how Neil is.

This 2008 solo recording of Halstead’s was partially recorded at The Solar Powered Plastic Plant in L.A. and the rest from his home in England. This CD to me is one of those that you throw on while driving along in the car or just kicking back on the porch at night looking out at the stars.

There’s a little Nick Drake feel to part of it in style but not as dark. Overall it’s a pretty mellow CD, but has some really nice tones, the acoustic guitar and piano mix is nice in some of the songs. Neil has one of those calming type voices in song.

I really like this one and look forward to going back and hearing some of his older stuff to see if it’s as good or is the same style.

Neil describes his style as “Nylon Rock” whatever that means. Neil is said to like his beer and his surf. Two of my favorite things.

Check this one out there are a lot of nice mellow tunes on it for those hot summer days ahead.

Track Listing:

Oh Mighty Engine
Little Twig
Witless or Wise
Paint a Face
Always the Good
No Mercy For The Muse
Sometimes The Wheels
Queen Bee
Spinning for Spoonie
A Gentle Heart
Baby, I Grew a Beard
New Whites and Brights (iTunes Bonus Track)

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