Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jakob Dylan - Seeing Things - CD Review

I haven’t heard much from Jakob Dylan in about the last 10 years or so since the first big Wallflowers cd with “One Headlight” and “6TH Avenue Heartbreak”. They have been together and producing cd up through 2005, but I have lost track.

Not to go into too much history, but Jakob is the youngest of four children born to Bob Dylan and his ex-wife Sara Dylan. So the talent runs deep in the blood.

The new and first Solo album that Jakob has put out was produced by Rick Rubin. Rubin is certainly a fantastic person to work with. He did all those great Johnny Cash sessions that produced the American Recordings as well as the “Unearthed” box set. Of course he’s done a lot more stuff with everyone from The Beastie Boys, Dixie Chicks all the way to Neil Diamond. So getting time with Rick Rubin certainly means you are going to be getting some of your best stuff brought out of you.

This new project of Jakob’s has 10 songs on it and many are straight acoustic sessions. Many of the song have a similar sound, but it’s a good one. I like the acoustic feel and how it brings out how good Jakob’s voice sounds. It’s certainly not a Bob Dylan acoustic cd, it’s Jakob’s own sound.

You can pick this one up on iTunes for $7.99 which is a really good deal and worth looking into. It’s a good one and worth picking up for sure. I just pulled out an old Wallflowers cd just to jam to a little more Jakob Dylan. Enjoy!

Track Listing:

1. Evil Is Alive And Well
2. Valley Of The Low Sun
3. All Day And All Night
4. Everybody Pays As They Go
5. Will It Grow
6. I Told You I Couldn't Stop
7. War Is Kind
8. Something Good This Way Comes
9. On Up The Mountain
10. This End Of The Telescope

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