Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Aimee Mann - @#%&! SMILERS - CD Review

Aimee Mann has released her seventh solo cd @#%&! SMILERS. The album consistsof 13 original tracks and 3 bonus tracks if you purchase through iTunes. This album brings Aimee back to her style previous to The Forgotten Arm. She has more of a stripped down sound, with a good range coming from simple piano to full band sound of a song like Freeway. Not sure the exact meaning of having a lot of money but not affording the freeway. I'll have to go through the lyrics to figure that one out. Freeway has a nice beat and is a good start to the album.

This album brings out a really nice sound. Aimee has a beautiful voice and it really shines through on this album. Songs like Stranger into Starman have a nice mix of piano and strings. Over all all the songs are a bit different, and carry well with each other. There's a good mix of piano, strings, some synth music, drums, pretty much a little of everything. The final song "Ballantines" is a duet with Sean Hayes complete with barroom piano and trombone section.

The iTunes version comes with with 2 acoustic versions of songs on the cd as well as Lullaby, which is called a B-side song. It's a bit of a alt-country type song. Quite a nice finish to the album.

I really have enjoyed listening to her Live at St. Ann's Warehouse CD from the CD/DVD combo set from June of 2004. I would recommend picking that one up as well if you are ording the new cd.

Track Listing:

1. Freeway
2. Stranger Into Starman
3. Looking For Nothing
4. Phoenix
5. Borrowing Time
6. It's Over
7. Thirty One Today
8. Great Beyond
9. Medicine Wheel
10. Columbus Ave.
11. Little Tornado
12. True Believer
13. Ballantines
14. Freeway (iTunes exclusive accoustic version)
15. Great Beyond (iTunes exclusive accoustic version)
16. Lullaby (iTunes exclusive B-side)

This is really a great cd and worth picking up. You can get it at iTunes with the bonus songs or pick it up on Amazon as always. For more news, tour dates and information about Aimee Mann stop by her web page and have a look http://www.aimeemann.com/

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