Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mazzy Star - Season of Your Day - CD Review

17 years have gone by since we last heard a new Mazzy Star album and now we have a new one.  Seasons of You Day will be available on September 24th on CD, Download or Vinyl.  Probably a good choice since I think many of the fans will be vinyl junkies.

Once coined as Dream Pop or Psychedelic Rock is also sort of known as California Surf Pop to some these days.  These dreaming songs are very mellow and have a sort of soft depressing feel to them, but for me this is the best style of music out there.  I love the work that Hope Sandoval and David Roback have made together.

Hope Sandoval put out a Warm Inventions album a couple years back and has now returned to the Mazzy Star project teaming up with Dave Roback.  The songs on this cd are quite the same feel as the past with mellow acoustic tones with some glockenspiel played by Hope.  The dreamy, haunting sounds with that soft amazing voice of Hope.

Common Burn was released as a single last year and California was the pre-release song, both are in the same realm as the rest of the tunes.  I really like this cd and look forward to seeing them live even though Hope is an introvert and doesn't do well with crowds - I'm sure she will find a way to make it happen as she always has.

Track List:
1. In the Kingdom    5:14
2. California    5:23
3. I've Gotta Stop    4:04
4. Does Someone Have Your Baby Now?    4:08
5. Common Burn    5:09
6. Seasons of Your Day    3:41
7. Lay Myself Down    4:31
8. Sparrow    4:04
9. Spoon    6:09
10. Flying Low     7:36

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