Monday, September 16, 2013

Jack Johnson - From Here Now To You - Album Review

Jack Johnson puts out his first studio album in 3 years following up To The Sea.  In similar fashion Jack mixes both acoustic and electric guitars into this album.

The album brings back the usual suspects Adam Topol, Merlo Podlewski and Zach Gill to create another amazing album with a great mix of catchy lyrics tied to a compliment of great music.

Jack really likes to tell fun stories through his songs, some a little darker and some about love for his wife and others about silly things his kids do, that spark songs out of him.

At first listen there are a lot of similar tunes to the style of To The Sea, but nothing wrong with that at all.  I Got You was the first single release, a good fun tune.  Shot Reverse Shot is a catchy tune with a nice beat.   Those who listen to a lot of Jack will recognize the song Home as he's played it on the En Concert album and DVD.

Another fine piece of work by Jack and crew.  They will be heading out on a tour, hopefully we will get the opportunity to see him here in Kansas City again like on the last two tours.

Track List:
1.  I Got You 2:59
2.  Washing Dishes 3:23
3.  Shot Reverse Shot 3:10
4.  Never Fade 4:02
5.  Tape Deck 3:21
6.  Don't Believe A Thing I Say 3:14
7.  As I Was Saying 3:45
8.  You Remind Me Of You 2:24
9.  Radiate 4:15
10.  Ones and Zeros 4:27
11.  Change 3:14
12.  Home 3:02

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