Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Cardinalology October 28th Release

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals with be releasing their fourth CD together, even though the last one Easy Tiger was listed under Ryan only. Still all the musicians are the same. So Ryan has already started to sample many of the songs live and has pre-released the song Fix It on electronic media including at iTunes.

Fix It has a sort of Neil Young feel to me. I guess it's also a Ryan Adams feel as well. It's a nice tune and has a little rockin' feel to it. It certainly fits in with a lot of what Ryan and & The Cardinals have done so far.

Virually every song from the cd has either been played live or released on a TV show, so everyone should know what they are going to be getting when this CD comes out on October 28th. The question will be what sort of bonus material you will get depending on where you buy it.

I'm going to wait to do a full review when I hear the studio versions of the songs, but as they are now live, this sounds like it's going to be a sweet CD. Be ready to pick this one up and check out Ryan as he's on tour now.

If you want to hear some of the tracks live, go to www.archive.org and click through live music archives, browse by band and find Ryan and sort by date to get the latest shows on top. Enjoy!

Track List:

Born Into A Light
Go Easy
Fix It
Let Us Down Easy
Crossed Out Name
Natural Ghost
Sink Ships
Like Yesterday

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