Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Cure - 4:13 Dream - CD Review

The Cure formed back in 1976 in Crawley, West Sussex. Robert Smith is the only original member from the band of that time. They started to gain popularity in 1982 with their first hit Let's Go To Bed and have continued to gain a wide music audience for the past 25 plus years. Over that time they have released 12 studio CDs and now have their 13 one due out in October called 4:13 Dream.

The first feel that I get from this new CD is that it's sort of a mix of many past songs being revived to create this CD. I may be wrong, but hte jump of style from a song like Underneath The Stars, a song that reminds me of an epic ballad, then jumps into The Only One that becomes more pop like. Overall it really has a nice mix of songs and styles throughout.

I would have thought that they would have had this out earlier to fit in witht he tour of the US, but I'm guessing that they will end up touring again in support of the new music and getting the word out there. Regardless I think that they will get good reviews and a good amount of air play on this CD and it should sell well. It's not like it's a band who dropped off the face of the earth and just came back. They have been doing these tours and festivals for a good long time.

It's a fantastic CD with a really nice blend of songs. Some of my favorites on this one are Underneath The Stars, Perfect Boy, Freakshow and Sleep When I'm Dead. There are other really good songs, but these to me represent some of the classic Cure stuff that I've always liked and don't stray off to some crazy new stuff.

Certainly another CD I would recommend picking up.

Track list:

01 Underneath The Stars
02 The Only One
03 The Reason Why
04 Freakshow
05 Sirensong
06 The Real Snow White
07 The Hungary Ghost
08 Switch
09 The Perfect Boy
10 This Here and Now With You
11 Sleep When I'm Dead
12 The Scream
13 It's Over

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