Thursday, June 03, 2010

Stone Temple Pilots - CD Review

I'm not sure when the last time a Stone Temple Pilots CD came out and I'm surprised to actually see them get back together and put something out after such a long time. It certainly is a typical sound for them with the heavy guitar and drums playing while Scott Weiland does his typical vocal tracks and sounds like he did 15 years ago.

I would say that overall this is a relatively average CD when it comes to comparison of what has been coming out this year. There are a few songs that do make it worth a listen. "Take A Load Off" has a good beat to it and "Dare If You Dare" is pretty good as well. I think "Hazy Daze" is a good rockin' tune as well.

There's one song that really doesn't make sense to be on this CD and that's "Cinnamon". It really doesn't fit and sounds like something out of an 80's band and not STP. "First Kiss On Mars" must be some sort of tribute to David Bowie. It's different in style, but not so bad as a song.

Overall I think this CD was an attempt to see if they still have it and I would say the answer is no. Just continue to tour off your old classics and stick to those and only play a couple of the songs from this CD and people will still be there in support.

Track List:

01. Between The Lines 2:50
02. Take A Load Off 3:11
03. Huckleberry Crumble 3:10
04. Hickory Dichotomy 3:22
05. Dare If You Dare 4:29
06. Cinnamon 3:33
07. Hazy Daze 2:59
08. Bagman 2:45
09. Peacoat 3:29
10. Fast As I Can 3:33
11. First Kiss On Mars 3:03
12. Maver 4:52

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