Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mat Kearney - 07/11/2009 Beaumont Club, Kansas City, MO

I've been trying to see Mat Kearney in concert for a while and every time it doesn't seem to work out or he was the opening act of a tour. Now in support of his new CD City of Black and White, Mat is out on a tour and stopped in KC so I finally got to see him.

I will say that the song selection and the band were great. They were tight together and really were able to feed off each other as they played about a 90 minute set starting with Lifeline from the new CD and mixing it up playing a bit from both along with a few songs like Breathe In and Chicago that were not technically on the two CDs but were available in different forms and rereleases of Nothing Left to Lose.

The one thing that bothered me a little was the volume level and sound mix as it seemed to be heavy on the bass and bass drum and Mat's vocals were a little distorted at times. I think this was more the board guy or maybe it was just my hearing. Still it annoyed me a little, but still was a great show.

Mat played some songs I just lobe like, Nothing Left to Lose, Renaissance, Where We Gonna Go From Here and Girl America. So a grat show a tight set and I only wish there was a SBD copy to be had to hear over and over again.

Great show - great entertainer, get out and see him.

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